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Artists and Entertainers Content Influencers

For Artists and Entertainers

We enable athletes, entertainers, artists, and other influential creators to produce high quality content through access to world class studio capabilities

Integrators Integration Manufacturers  LED design  LED engineering Virtual production workflow  Virtual production pipeline design Virtual production integration Media servers systems	 Real-time rendering Image-based lighting  Camera selection  Lens selection Camera tracking Integration Installation Previsualization  Systems engineering Network engineering Systems and video Asset creation Asset optimization Asset deployment VAD Custom software development  Software development SVOD AVOD OTT Virtual Production Event design Technical production Lighting design Event production Live streaming

For Integrators and Manufacturers

We offer end-to-end virtual production (ICVFX and XR), event and studio integration, and technical production, including LED design, workflow and pipeline design and integration, image-based lighting solutions, camera tracking integration, systems engineering, and custom software development

Corporations   Content

For Corporations

We streamline complex technical challenges to help you efficiently create and distribute bespoke content, design and install AV and studio capabilities, manage asset creation and deployment, and engineer media server systems and networks, while directly delivering upon your ESG goals

Brands Agencies Content

For Brands and Agencies

We lower the barrier of entry for new ways of shooting commercial and hero content, engaging live audiences, and showcasing big ideas through our cutting edge real-time rendering and previsualization processes, technical and virtual production capabilities

Media and Entertainment

For Media and Entertainment Companies

We provide end-to-end production, streaming and broadcast support for events around the world, delivering high quality output on-demand, along with comprehensive design, development, and operations of new OTT streaming (SVOD, AVOD) solutions

Sports teams and leagues

For Sports Teams and Leagues

We enhance fan engagement in and out of stadiums and arenas through our high quality and flexible technical production offerings and our advanced real-time 3D workflow that increases creative control and expands opportunities for innovation and monetization